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  Eva McFarlane

Eva McFarlane is a certified massage therapist, reflexologist, Reiki practitioner and energy worker with 17 years experience serving, Visitors and locals on Caye Caulker. After working in the media industry and having three different talk shows on Radio Belize (Belize's number one radio station) during the 90's educating the nation on teen problems and health issues, she was drawn to massage therapy as a way to integrate body, mind, intuition and intellect. She has a great touch along with fantastic verbal and communication skills, which help her clients feel at ease and enable her to personalize each session to their needs. She prides herself on her ability to care and listen to the needs of others, and is well versed in anatomy and physiology, pathology and ethics to name a few.

Eva believes in tailoring massage towards the individual needs of each client by using multiple modalities to achieve the best results possible. Her treatment may involve a variety of techniques - Swedish massage, trigger point, mobilization techniques, reflexology and energy work. Her personal and professional philosophy is that the many physical and mental problems that can cause uncomfortable stress levels respond naturally to massage and beneficial healing effects. Therapeutic treatment-oriented massage can work wonders in relieving chronic pain and discomfort related to injury or tension, even making it disappear completely if the appropriate techniques are skillfully applied.

Eva believes in whole system thinking in mind, body and spirit connection and that symptoms are a reminder that there is a problem, In her work, her interest is in finding the root of core of the issue in order to achieve sustainable results. She is a problem solver by nature and enjoys piecing things together, to her clients find a path of a healthier and happier body. Many clients comment that she is a "natural" massage practitioner, both in skill level and calm temperament. Eva finds giving massage as relaxing as receiving it. Mother of a teenage daughter named Anisa. When she is not caring for clients, Eva can be found managing the schedules of a busy household, spending time with friends, or enjoying the outdoors.

Manuel Lopez

Manuel strong happy and energetic comes to mind when describing his personality and his work. He became a therapist and Reiki practitioner level one ten years ago since finding his life time interest in personal growth, relationships and true meaning of life. Manuel practices yoga and meditation regularly and enjoys a variety of physical activities. Clients and friends describe him as respectful, insightful, compassionate, and humorous.

His philosophy is that therapy is a first hand relationship and the qualities he brings to this relationship are acceptance, compassion, warmth, respect, honesty, humor, wisdom and presence. He also sees therapy as a journey of self discovery and self realization, moving towards your full human potential.

He uses his training and life experiences to help review and evaluate your life situation and to clarify your true goals, resulting in a deeper and more positive connection with yourself. His massage is ideal for client who enjoy the focused work of deep tissue massage as well as for those who like the flowing strokes of Swedish massage.

As a massage therapist he is committed to continuing education to further develop skills to better serve his diverse group of clients. Manuel is honor to be a part of his client healing process. He believes that Life Coaching can be an effective and enjoyable process where clients move toward enhancing their performance and joy in life.

We are all explorers in this life. and we hope you enjoy the journey!


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